Youth College (International), Tseung Kwan O

Synergistic social spaces with natural lighting were provided by removing the existing walls and replacing them with transparent partitions. Various configurations could be flexibly arranged to cater for different scenarios, ranging from individual classrooms for unilateral teaching to large-scale learning commons for interactive activities. Meanwhile, the means of escape was reviewed for different configurations to ensure compliance with fire safety requirements.

Studios branching off from the shared circulation cum exhibition area form a collaborative environment, where students from various grades could work together and teachers could give guidance in a casual setting. As an idea exchange hub, the area fostered social interaction with its relaxing ambience.

Compared to the conventional classroom settings in the Hong Kong Design Institute, the quality of educational experience was enhanced through interactive learning for the new Vocational Baccalaureate programme.

LocationTseung Kwan O, Hong KongCompletion2018ClientVocational Training Council

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