Youth College (International), Tsing Yi

The Youth College (International) is a new school, offering a programme for Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate (Engineering) at Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. It aims to equip secondary students with knowledge and skills in engineering through small class teaching.

Conventional renovation was originally foreseen by the client to meet the tight budget and operational needs to deliver the completed project in 12 months’ time. Given the constraints, however, the Architect has explored opportunities to craft an interactive, harmonic and stimulating ambience by knocking down the external walls and utilizing the unused balcony area to create a semi-open verandah and a welcoming and character-defining entrance. This architectural intervention has unleashed the hidden potential of the structure, brought in natural elements, and surpassed the client’s expectation.

The classrooms were originally accessed from a confined corridor. Without a proper entrance and a continual flow of space, the place lacked a sense of identity and did not foster social interaction.

In response to the site conditions, a character-defining entrance is created by opening up the solid concrete façade to establish a welcoming identity. While unifying the whole composition of the original building, the specially crafted entrance, with the glazed entrance doorway followed by a light-filled social space, also gently guides the teachers and students along the path, and to stay and mingle.

Taking sunlight as a design element to create a sense of continuity, the studio space, the verandah and foyer and the entrance are designed to craft an open yet inclusive and harmonious atmosphere, animated by the shifting angle of sunlight as the day progresses.

LocationTsing Yi, Hong KongCompletion2018ClientVocational Training Council

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