Wanchai Water Park

URBAN DESIGN The brief is to construct a fresh water pumping station at the existing Lockhart Road Playground while maintaining uninterrupted operation of playground facilities, including a basketball court, playground, fitness area and toilets, during the construction period. Considering the lack of playground facilities in Wanchai, we have turned the challenges into opportunity by providing a quality, viable and sustainable URBAN OASIS integrating amicable water park facilities. By elevating the basketball court to the roof of the pumping station, we have created a series of Floating Gardens and covered multi-purpose recreation areas. Upgraded with these value-added open spaces, Wanchai Water Park will boost people’s health, happiness and well-being. Regardless of scale, we aim to shape a better physical environment for the district and contribute to the betterment of the urban environment.

CHOICES Wanchai Water Park encourages users to choose what to do within the site. The visual cues and connections will lead people from one place to another and foster interaction. Their choices and experiences will create a sense of place, which forms a local cultural identity belonging to themselves.
SOCIAL INCLUSIVITY & INNOVATION Social interaction is encouraged by the disposition of diverse facilities and the cross-programming naturally generated by how the public uses the spaces. With an additional 51% of amenity area, the open and inclusive design welcomes all walks of life at all levels and facilitates natural exercise and interaction.
CONNECTIVITY & A SENSE OF DISCOVERY Exploration through the building and open area is encouraged by the intriguing Floating Gardens. When the users ascend the building, they get to experience the playful cascades, flower beds and wide steps designed for casual sitting.
SUSTAINABILITY Bounded by tall adjacent buildings, quality daylight is nevertheless drawn to the covered areas through skylights at the basketball court at the roof floor. With an elevated roof slab, natural ventilation happens in the open layout underneath. Rainwater recycling is adopted for watering plants and for use in water features.

LocationWanchai, Hong KongAwardHKIUD Urban Design Awards 2018

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