New Dangerous Goods Stores test

Primarily to serve as a functional building, the new dangerous goods stores provide storage spaces for Category 2 Dangerous Goods compressed gas cylinders. Functionally, the design strictly adhered to all relevant regulations and aligned with international practice concerning safety of dangerous goods storage.

The design was based on the philosophy of “Yin” and “Yang,” which emphasized the interconnectedness and interdependency of nature. It was also rooted in the importance of sustainable interactions among humans, built environment and nature for harmonious coexistence.

The siting and footprint were meticulously considered after careful deliberation of the topographical and geotechnical site constraints. Existing trees were preserved by humbly recessing the facades from the trees for harmonious coexistence with nature. A unique building form, with a curvilinear entrance and an open circular courtyard, was thus created and seamlessly integrated with the surrounding environment.

The white walls not only echoed the colour of the surrounding buildings, but also acted as a canvas that, on a clear day, the sun painted on with the shadow of the trees. The smooth, curvilinear parapet of varying heights and the horizontal stainless steel rail at the maintenance roof further emphasized the interplay of geometric and organic form and the symbiosis of man and nature.

Despite the irregular form, the internal layout was efficient and organized in a way that ensured easy access to all cylinders. To cater for the explosion prevention requirements, many building services provisions needed to be exposed, and these were carefully coordinated to give a rhythmic rendition.

While the utilitarian storage area gives rise to the project, it is the negative space preserving the original trees that gives value and meaning to the architectural intervention.

Singular Studio Limited provided a full range of Architectural Lead Consultant and Authorized Person services for the design and construction of the new DG stores.

LocationShatin, The New Territorities, Hong KongCompletionJune 2021ClientThe Chinese University of Hong Kong

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